Financial Elder Abuse Lawyer

When it comes to protecting our elders, we at Vistas Law Group stand ready to help you identify and address financial abuse that seniors or dependent adults often fall victim to. Financial elder abuse generally occurs when someone wrongfully takes an elderly person’s property causing harm to the elder. This could include unauthorized use or taking of an elder’s money, property, and including, without limitation, real property. In California, the laws are strict and precise regarding this abuse, and we are committed to ensuring that your loved ones are safeguarded from such unfortunate situations.

How to Spot Financial Elder Abuse in California

Spotting financial elder abuse can be a challenge, as it often happens behind closed doors and while and elder is being isolated. We encourage you to look for warning signs such as sudden changes in banking activities, isolation, unexplained withdrawals, missing property or valuables, and new acquaintances or strangers showing a keen interest in the elder’s finances. Sadly, the abuse and isolation can come from the elder’s own family member. Changes in wills or power of attorney can also be red flags. By being vigilant, you can protect your loved ones from being taken advantage of and ensure their assets are secure for their benefit.

Legal Steps You Can Take to Prevent Financial Elder Abuse in California

Elderly individuals can be vulnerable to financial exploitation. However, with the right legal measures in place, you can protect your elderly loved ones from financial abuse. Here’s a step-by-step guide on the legal steps you can take to prevent financial elder abuse in California:

  1. Understand the Laws Regarding Financial Elder Abuse: In California, financial elder abuse is considered a crime, and there are laws in place to protect seniors from such abuse. Familiarize yourself with these laws to better understand your rights and those of your elderly loved ones.
  2. Establish a Power of Attorney: A power of attorney is a legal document that grants a trusted individual the authority to make financial decisions on behalf of the elderly person. This can help to prevent financial exploitation by ensuring that only a trusted person has control over the elderly person’s finances.
  3. File for Conservatorship: In situations where the elderly person cannot make decisions for themselves, a conservatorship can be established. A conservatorship is a legal arrangement where a court appoints a conservator to manage the elderly person’s finances and make decisions on their behalf.
  4. Monitor Financial Accounts: Keep a close eye on the elderly person’s bank accounts, credit cards, and other financial assets. Regularly review statements and transactions to identify any suspicious activity.
  5. Use Trusts to Protect Assets: A trust can be an effective way to protect an elderly person’s assets from financial exploitation. By placing assets in a trust, you can ensure that they are managed by a trusted individual and used for the benefit of the elderly person.
  6. Report Suspicious Activity: If you suspect that your elderly loved one is a victim of financial abuse, report it to the appropriate authorities. In California, you can contact Adult Protective Services or the police to report the abuse.
  7. Check In On a Regular Basis: Do not allow long periods of time to pass before checking in on your elderly loved one.  Predators use the time your elderly loved one is alone to wrongfully take financial advantage over them.
  8. Consult with an Estate Lawyer: We can provide valuable guidance on the legal measures you can take to protect your elderly loved ones from financial abuse. We can help you understand the options available to you and assist you in taking the necessary steps to safeguard your loved one’s assets.

The Role of Estate Planning in Preventing Financial Elder Abuse

A well-crafted estate plan can be a robust defense against financial elder abuse. Through the establishment of trusts, wills, and other estate planning tools, we can help to ensure that your elderly loved ones’ assets are protected and their wishes are respected. Moreover, by appointing trusted individuals to make financial and medical decisions for your elderly family members, you can have peace of mind knowing that their well-being is in good hands.

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